The True Meaning Of Trauma

Psychiatrists and psychologists may define trauma differently, but I would like people to look at trauma as living with a blood-thirsty monster that feeds on the painful events you have experienced in the past.

As the monster continues feeding itself on your physical emotional and mental energy, you will definitely feel drained all the time.

That is why you always feel terrified, disturbed, empty, wasted and vulnerable during or immediately after an intensely traumatic session.

The monster disturbs the very essence of your being by deploying its brutally sharp claws within, making you feel like something sharp has passed through your heart and ripped it apart, putting your heart at the center of all the pain.

Memories of the traumatic events are simply live scenes of you being humiliated, brutalized, molested, rejected, beaten, raped or abused recorded as mental clips in your memory bank.

These memory clips or mental films can be replayed over and over again, causing serious complications in your emotional and mental state of being.

See healing from trauma through Christ.

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