God’s Will For Us Is To Obey His Commandments

As God’s children, we have to face many challenges. Some of those challenges have to do with other people mistrusting us because of what they might have been taught within their religious systems.

As servants of God, we naturally want to help other people because Christ wants us to. He commands us to love God with all of our hearts, love our neighbors as ourselves, and follow His commandments to show Him love.

Christ tells us in His gospels that we will be rejected in various ways as we try to spread His true message. He says that worldly people will hate us, and yes, even some of our brothers and sisters won’t want to hear our testimonies.

We may have to deal with people mocking us, insulting us, and calling us demeaning names like weak, dishonest, Jezebel, false prophet, unreliable, or some other such name based upon mistakes that we made in our pasts.

The Bible clearly states that God gives mercy to people who repent and follow His commandments. Additionally, the Bible explains that God has the power to stop us from continuing in sinful acts.

We cannot do much about what other people think of us as we spend our days just trying to spread the true message of Christ. We should consider ourselves blessed if people revile us or say all manner of evil about us because it happens to true children of God.

God’s will and greatest commandment is for us to LOVE Him with all of our hearts, minds, souls, etc.

We love Him by following His commandments, which can be found in the Old Testament. Not only does He repeat that numerous times in the Old Testament, but also He says it through Jesus, the prophets, and 11 out of the 12 apostles.

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