The Argument Of Dry Dog Food Vs Canned Dog Food

There are all kinds of different dog foods on the market and each kind has a different appeal to each individual dog. Some dogs love the dry dog foods and others prefer the canned foods. Dogs are as diverse in their tastes as people. A dry dog food only contains about 10% moisture while the canned dog foods contain 70% to 80%. The only way to know what your dog prefers best is to try both and see.

If, however, you’re looking for the most nutritious food with the most healthy nutrients, you’ll find this mostly in the dry dog foods. They will contain around 90% nutrients while the canned foods usually contain less. The soy products are the ones that have been structured to look like pieces of meat and are attractive to dogs.

In order to maintain a nutritional balance for your dog’s system, your dog will have to eat more dry foods than canned foods. You can make your own comparisons regarding the cost of you weekly feeding schedule. A mixture of both dry and canned foods can work out to be a good, nutritious feeding strategy for your dog. Remember that dry dog foods are mostly soybean and rice based, even though today you find more of these dry dog foods being corn based.

If you have dog foods based on chicken or beef and come in a can they usually have vitamin and mineral supplements ‘added in’. If your dog weighs over 30 pounds it will probably be wise to use semi-moist foods or some dry foods most of the time.

The reason for this type of food strategy is to satisfy food receptors in your dog’s stomach. Larger dogs need lots of moist food (canned foods) to meet this criteria. Smaller dogs don’t need as much in the way of nutrients so they can eat the moist foods without much consequence.

The caloric density found in dry dog foods is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Enriched dry dog foods are naturally going to be better for your dog than non-enriched dog foods.

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The True Meaning Of Trauma

Psychiatrists and psychologists may define trauma differently, but I would like people to look at trauma as living with a blood-thirsty monster that feeds on the painful events you have experienced in the past.

As the monster continues feeding itself on your physical emotional and mental energy, you will definitely feel drained all the time.

That is why you always feel terrified, disturbed, empty, wasted and vulnerable during or immediately after an intensely traumatic session.

The monster disturbs the very essence of your being by deploying its brutally sharp claws within, making you feel like something sharp has passed through your heart and ripped it apart, putting your heart at the center of all the pain.

Memories of the traumatic events are simply live scenes of you being humiliated, brutalized, molested, rejected, beaten, raped or abused recorded as mental clips in your memory bank.

These memory clips or mental films can be replayed over and over again, causing serious complications in your emotional and mental state of being.

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Several Considerations To Make When Choosing Dog Food

Cost is only one thing to consider when choosing food for your dog. You of course want to know that your dog is enjoying a meal that’s both delicious and well-balanced, but you also have to account for the amounts of specific vitamins and minerals that are present in your pet’s food.

Ideally, your dog is giving you lot of companionship and love and thus, it should be worthwhile to spend extra cash on dog food that’s high in quality. In this area, it always pays to spend a bit extra, in spite of the fact that the cost of pet food is a common concern.

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It’s possible to keep your dog from getting sick by only feeding him food that’s been made from ingredients of the highest quality, and this is something that you definitely want to remember as you head out to shop for dog food. Obviously, there are always cheap options in dog food that you can buy, but taking this route will increase the likelihood of illness and a lot of experts assert that it’s definitely not in your benefit or your pet’s benefit to cut corners in this area.

Dog food has certainly advanced throughout the years and techniques like can sterilization, air drying and freeze drying are the standard. It will, however, cost quite a bit more to purchase dog food that uses modern techniques like these.

As a rule, dog food in bags isn’t going to cost you as much as dog food that’s bought canned. If you regularly purchase low-quality and cheap dog foods, your pet will have a far higher likelihood of allergic reaction. It’s also worth doing some comparative shopping given that this is your best chance for finding low-priced dog food that’s still high in quality.

As with any other groceries that you buy, you’ll always know just how much you have to spend given that the price will be marked clearly on the can or bag. Just be sure to make the right decision when purchasing food for your pet.

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God’s Will For Us Is To Obey His Commandments

As God’s children, we have to face many challenges. Some of those challenges have to do with other people mistrusting us because of what they might have been taught within their religious systems.

As servants of God, we naturally want to help other people because Christ wants us to. He commands us to love God with all of our hearts, love our neighbors as ourselves, and follow His commandments to show Him love.

Christ tells us in His gospels that we will be rejected in various ways as we try to spread His true message. He says that worldly people will hate us, and yes, even some of our brothers and sisters won’t want to hear our testimonies.

We may have to deal with people mocking us, insulting us, and calling us demeaning names like weak, dishonest, Jezebel, false prophet, unreliable, or some other such name based upon mistakes that we made in our pasts.

The Bible clearly states that God gives mercy to people who repent and follow His commandments. Additionally, the Bible explains that God has the power to stop us from continuing in sinful acts.

We cannot do much about what other people think of us as we spend our days just trying to spread the true message of Christ. We should consider ourselves blessed if people revile us or say all manner of evil about us because it happens to true children of God.

God’s will and greatest commandment is for us to LOVE Him with all of our hearts, minds, souls, etc.

We love Him by following His commandments, which can be found in the Old Testament. Not only does He repeat that numerous times in the Old Testament, but also He says it through Jesus, the prophets, and 11 out of the 12 apostles.

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