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Tips on Windows Progarm Compatibility: How to run Windows 95, 98, & ME software programs on Windows XP

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Running Windows 95, 98 & ME software programs on
Windows XP using the Program Compatibility Wizard

Windows 2000 and XP have more issues with software than ME. This is because of a DirectX compatibility problem that stems from the NT environment.

Software programs developed prior to XP's release to the market: XP has a different file structure (based on the NT operating system) and different program requirements. Currently there are no patches or upgrades to accommodate these differences.

However, XP has the Program Compatibility Wizard which can help XP run software programs developed under previous versions of Windows. To activate this feature:

Click on the Start button.
Go to All Programs then to Accessories.
Select the Program Compatibility Wizard.
Select for it to look into the CD drive.
Choose for it to run in Windows 98/ME mode.
Earlier programs were made to run on the Windows 95 file structure of Windows 95, 98 and ME - not the Windows NT file structure of Windows NT and 2000.

Please Note: If the software has installed successfully you can right-click on the icon and left-click on Properties; at the top-right you will see a Compatibility tab; this will give you the option to run in Windows 95, 98 and NT mode, 256-colors, ME, etc.

For advanced users: Another alternative would be to make a dual-boot partition. This option allows you to have two operating systems on one hard drive.

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NOTE: The offering of this information is not a guarantee that the above
will work on every software not designated as compatible with XP.

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