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Home Maintenance and Repair
Your home is one of the single biggest investments you’ll ever make — be sure you do all you can to care for it. Get hands-on advice to help you make the most of your investment and ensure your home remains safe and comfortable for your family.

Home Maintenance Checklist
Better Homes & Gardens: Owning and caring for a home is a big responsibility, but the right repair tools and maintenance tips allow for easy living. Smoothly navigate your home's seasonal upkeep with our home maintenance checklist and expert advice.


Barefoot Lass's Stain Removal
Free stain removal chart that includes getting out chocolate, blood, ink, wine and grease. Also includes stain removing tips that have been sent in by people just like you.

Bird Dropping Stain Removal Guide
Step by step instructions for bird dropping stain removal from clothing, upholstery, carpet, car or other hard surfaces.

Carpet Stain Index 
Stain Removal Guide for 60 or more common carpet stains. (Note: sometimes slow loading).

Cleaning Solutions - Pioneer Thinking
Simple safe tips on how to clean everything in the home. Also homemade cleaning product recipes.

50 Cleaning Tips and Tricks
50 Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Easy Home Cleaning Tips. We've got a trick to clean every corner of your home.

Cleaning & Stain Removal - DoItYourself.com
Huge list of Cleaning & Stain Removal information. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be submitted to our DoItYourself.com Community Forums.

DuPont Stainmaster Carpet
Carpet stain removal guide index.

How to Clean Anything
Cleaning Tips & Hints for in and around the house such as House Cleaning Tips, Spring Cleaning Tips, Cleaning products reviews and more.

Stain Guide for Washable Fabrics: Stain Index
FabricLink's Stain Removal Guide for removing stains on washable fabrics and apparel, with laundry tips and more. See also the General Stain Guidlines.


How to Clean Mildew Off Books
There are several things you can do to remove the mildew, including using rubbing alcohol and getting a little help from the microwave. Use this easy method to clean mildew off books safely, without causing undue damage to the pages or covers...

How to Remove Mold and Prevent it from Forming on Old Books
There is nothing more frustrating than pulling out an old yearbook or gift with sentimental value to find it covered in mold and mildew. Mildew thrives on organic substances like paper. Mildew on a book must be dealt with, or it could spread through your entire collection, leaving all the books unfit for reading.

3 Ways to Remove Mold and Mildew - wikiHow
How to Remove Mold and Mildew. Mold and mildew can be tricky wherever you happen to live. Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don't. Sometimes they're black, sometimes they're white.


Cutting Home Heating Bills
55 rules for cutting home heating bills & how to save on hot water. A Super Home Center article.

How To Un-Shrink a Wool Sweater
By Aldo Ciarrocchi: When wool gets wet and warm, the fibres in the wool lock themselves together and don't want to let go, resulting in shrinkage (you can get wool warm or wet, but not both), which kind of makes washing wool garments a dangerous business...

Label Talk for Consumers
Includes guides to common care symbols, common home laundering and dry-cleaning symbols, and stain removal answers to common care questions; from Textile Industry Affairs.

Mineral Cleaning
How to clean mineral specimens. Written for rock collectors.

Piano Care
A piano requires periodic servicing to provide outstanding performance year after year.

Sixty Uses for Baking Soda
Bicarbonate of soda or baking soda has many different uses in the household. Although much more expensive products have been developed over the years to do the same jobs, baking soda can work for you just as well, if not better. A Super Home Center article.

Sixty Uses for Table Salt
Although you may not realize it, simple table salt has a great number of uses other than simply seasoning your food. The following list will give you sixty uses of salt; many may be new to you... A Super Home Center article.

Sixty Uses for Vinegar
Here are a ton of uses for vinegar. Some you may have heard of and some you may already be using. However, there's bound to be something here that is new and useful, or at least intriguing. A Super Home Center article.

The Do's and Don'ts of Home Plumbing
Written by a seasoned plumber, this article contains an incredible list of the "Do's and Don'ts of Home Plumbing. Read this article, and print the Do's and Don'ts list. There are some real "eye-openers" here. A Super Home Center article.

Soap And Detergents
Information on use and composition of soaps and detergents, including cleaning products overview, laundry products, dishwashing, and environmental topics. From the American Cleaning Institute.

Safety Tips for Homeowners
by Jim Neidner, national award-winning builder/remodeler and radio home host. We all want our home to be our castle; however, it can also be a castle where we can get hurt...

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