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How to Repot a Plant 

Since repotting a plant is a delicate process, we have included step-by-step instructions to help give your plants the best shot at survival. There's also a detailed supply list and even a guide to identifying if your plant needs a new home.

Transporting Plants: A Survival Guide (Outdoor Plants)

Our guide includes tips like checking for pests, repotting garden plants weeks in advance, and what to do after your trip. These tips work best for smaller plants but can be used for medium-to-large plants,as well. Like all living things, plants require a balance of attention and careful handling, especially during moves.

Guide to Poisonous Plants - ProFlowers
This is an illustrated guide to 199 of the most common poisonous household plants and flowers. The guide identifies each plant by toxicity level, shows which parts to avoid (like seeds and leaves), and indicates which plants should be kept away from pets.

Help for your Indoor Plants
Help for House Plants, Indoor Plants and Interior Plants from Green & Evergrowing.

House Plant Care Tips
Find out how often to water, when to fertilize, how to tell if your plant is getting enough light.

House Plant Care
How to Grow and Maintain House Plants by providing the proper lighting,
watering and other necessary elements needed to grow indoor plants.

Houseplant Solutions Q&A
Garden Club ... We like to say that "no plant is native to your house." So, we’ve compiled some of the most common indoor-plant questions and answered them for you.

Care of Houseplants
Cleaning, fertilizing, and light requirements of many popular houseplants. Includes table of houseplants and their associated light requirements.

House Plant Pests & Diseases
Identify and control house plant pests and house plant diseases like spider mites, powdery mildew, aphids and other things that are bugging your plants.

Houseplant Bugs: Identification and Control
How to keep your house plants safe from bugs, how to identify and control insects that are attacking your house plants.

House Plants Forum
A forum for the discussion of house plants--how to care for them, recommendations for selections, sources for plants, etc. at Gardenweb.com.

Hoyas grown in Miami, FL
A photo album of over 80 hoyas. Also, an introduction to hoyas.

Indoor Plant Care, Grow Lights, Organic Gardening
Order grow lights, hydroponics, organic gardening for indoor plants.  Plant Care Blog

Insects & Pests that Infest & Damage House Plants
How to identify and control insects, bugs and pests that infest and damage your house plants.

Plant Ideas
Provided to assit you in your planting needs. Begins with a list of indoor plants for the beginner to choose from.

Poisonous & Air Purification House Plants
Many of our most popular houseplants come from tropical climates where the highest percentage of poisonous plants reside. Find out how toxic they are, and if the risk they pose to your children or pets is worth keeping them. Also a list of air purification plants.

Toxic Plant List - Pioneer Thinking
A list of plants that may cause toxic symptoms when ingested. Included are plants which may cause dermatitis when handled.

Tropical Indoor Palm Trees 
EZ Palms indoor palm trees & tropical plants as well as rare and exotic plants. Mail order, delivered to you direct from the tropics, direct from grower. (Florida)

Tropical Plants Library Online Internet site for tropical plant photos, information and care instructions. Tons of plant information on this site.

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