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Candles, Soap, Beer, Wine, Sewing, Upholstering,
Furniture Refinishing, Soldering & Welding


Abigail's Country Craft Soap Making Basic tips and recipes for making soap.
Cole Brothers Soap Instructions for making & marketing decorative soap. Includes 250 recipes.
The Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild, Inc. Professional trade organization for makers of handcrafted soap and body care products, networking, resources, newsletter.
Homemade Soap/Kathy Miller Recipes, info and links.
Pioneer Thinking Colonial Soap Making – The Ancient Secrets to Creating Natural Soaps.
Sabrina's Soapmaker's Resources Resources and recipes for soap makers.
Symphony Scents & Supplies Quality, affordable fragrance oils that have been soap tested. No minimum order required.


Adding Fruit to Homebrew Adding Fruit to Homebrew from BeerAdvocate - Once you decide which fruit to use, here are some good ways to incorparate it/add it to the brew.
The Real Beer Page Everything you could ever want to know about beer, brewpubs, microbreweries, home brewing, and the beer industry. Over 150,000 pages about beer, searchable brewery and pub databases.
Beer, Cocktails & Wine  Lots of articles, information, & resources.
Bathtub Brewers Home brewing Site Dedicated to Connecting Home brewers and Beer Lovers Worldwide by ICQ, Webring, Chat, Links, and More.
Black and White Brewery Home brew information, making equipment for home brew, locating ingredients, full mash brewer.
Glenn Tinseth's Hop Page Comprehensive collection of hop information.
Home Brewing and Wine Making Supplies Ingredients and Equipment
Home brew ingredient kits, start up equipment packages, beer ingredients, hops, yeast, malt extract, malted barley grain, specialty grain, wine making supplies and ingredients, mead making supplies and ingredients, soda extracts, and equipment.
The Homebrew Digest Forum Lots of information for home brewing. Archive search. Archive search
Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage Information about Medieval and Renaissance brewing. Books, articles, mailing lists, bibliography.
rec.crafts.brewing List of FAQs posted to rec.crafts.brewing, about home brewing.
Spencer's Beer Page Recipes and general information.
Weasel Breweries Home brewing techniques, recipes, labels from the Fraternal Order of Brewers Minor.
Harvesting Yeast from Bottle Conditioned Beers - Homebrewing Want to get a little bit closer to that clone you're making? Want to save money building up your yeast bank? Consider harvesting yeast from the bottle.


Home Winemaking
The basic techniques and principles of making wine at home.
Home Winemaking.net
Resources, links, and useful information for anything home winemaking.
The Joy of Home Winemaking  Forum for discussing the ancient art of making wine by Terry Garey. Includes recipes, Q&A's, links.
The Winemaking Home Page Tips for both beginning and advanced home winemakers.
WineMaker Magazine
Magazine for people who enjoy making wine at home


Mead Hall Information and resources for brewers of mead.
Skotrats Homebrew Recipe Archives  Mead recipes. Grab one, or add yours.


BeerTools Pro Online recipe storage features. Recipes can easily be shared with other BeerTools.com members. Has a Recipe Generator, Recipe Calculator, Beer Analysis tool.
Mr. Goodbeer The Virtual Beer Technician offers homebrew troubleshooting and repair advice.
Skotrats Recipe Archives Archive of recipes categorized by style and type.
Wine Making Recipes from The Winemaking Home Page
A comprehensive How-To guide for home winemaking, including the largest collection of winemaking recipes on the Web, a home wine glossary, and more.


Ale Street News "Brewspaper" covering the East Coast beer scene.
All About Beer Magazine OnLine American beer magazine with online articles about beer, brewing beer, and beer news.
Brewing Techniques and Advice from Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine  Mark Hastings of Überbrew argues that the selection and combination of hops varieties isn't the end-all, be-all of brewing hoppy styles. The real magic is finding the right malt and yeast combination that pulls the best character out of those hops.
Brew Your Own, The How-To Homebrew Beer Magazine Brew Your Own is a how-to homebrew beer magazine for the beginner to the all-grain expert.
Pint Pleasures: A Beer Page A Seattleite's monthly review of pubs and beer in the UK, plus links to other beer pages of interest.
Yankee Brew News New England's "Beer News" Beeriodical.


All Free Sewing
Free sewing patterns, projects, tips, video, how to sew, and more.
Bella Online - Sewing Sewing help and information.
The Fashion Sewing Group Current fashion and sewing newsletter. Mail order fabric and notions. Sewing school/national seminars.
Sewing.org Free Sewing & Craft Projects, Learn to Sew, Guidelines Articles, Charitable Projects, Bridal, Kids & More.
McCall's Patterns Online! McCall's Patterns Online Web site Fashions, costumes, crafts, etc.
Sewing Tips   Learn from our expert tips on how to troubleshoot sewing mistakes, make alterations, as well as find helpful money and time-saving tips. Tons of tips here.
Sewing - Anyone Can Learn How
The place to find information about everything you need or want to know about sewing.


Sewing Resource Guide  This resource guide provides instructions for using a sewing machine, purchasing materials, sewing various items and much more. PDF files.
Ken's Sewin' and Surfin' Page Sewing and embroidery related pages and newsgroups. Utilities for use with Pfaff Creative Designer for Windows. Huge link collection.


How To Upholster  Upholstery training, online class. Upholstery instruction for furniture, auto trim, slipcovers, marine boat canvas.
Piano Bench Upholstering Brief instructions on how to upholster a wooden piano bench, found within this commercial site.
Re-upholstering Miata Seats How to reupholster Miata seats with leather covering.
Tying Coil Springs Illustrated instructions on how to fix springs in upholstered furniture.
Upholstery Repair  Learn upholstery repair with free how-to videos at DIY Upholstery Supply. Tips, tricks and techniques from 50 yrs experience.


How to Refinish Furniture Without Stripping Stripping furniture is a messy, time-consuming process. And sometimes the results aren't as great as you had hoped. Fortunately, you don't always have to resort to stripping to restore your furniture to its original luster.
Furniture Refinishing Tips Refinishing old furniture can be very rewarding, but it can also be quite a mess. Here are a few tips to simplify the task.
Furniture Articles A large collection of articles written by people in the furniture restoration and conservation field. Articles cover various kinds of finishes, refinishing tips on furniture as well as pianos and cabinets.


Basic Soldering Guide Basic soldering techniques with photos. By Alan Winstanley
Cole Sonafrank's Remarks on Lead-Free Stained Glass Soldering Cole Sonafrank's Remarks on Lead Free stained glass soldering using the foil method.
Cole Sonafrank's Soldering Tips Plus links to resources for stained glass and mosaics.
Electronics Tips: Soldering Brief, illustrated tips page from a commercial site.
Learn to Solder Jewelry What you need to setup for soldering, along with how-to, and related articles.
Sculptural Art Railings - Silver Soldering Metals How to "silver solder" copper to steel to create cattails for sculptural art railings Color Illustrations.
Video: Introduction to Soldering  on YouTube  Get an introduction to soldering; get professional tips and advice from an expert on how to solder electronic equipment in this free instructional video.

Welding Safety Hazards Five Potential Welding Safety Hazards to Avoid. If safety measures are ignored, welders face an array of hazards which can be potentially dangerous, including electric shock, fumes and gases, fire and explosions and more.

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