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WET & FORGET Mold and Mildew Stain Remover
Wet and Forget Moss, Mold, Algae, and Mildew Stain Remover for moss removal, mold removal, mildew and stain removal on any exterior surface.

Wet & Forget Mold & Mildew Stain Remover - Moss & Algae Remover

Wet and Forget Moss, Mold, Algae, and Mildew Stain Remover: 

Wet and Forget has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss removal, mold removal, mildew and stain removal on any exterior surface. When diluted with water and applied, it immediately attacks that unsightly moss, mold, and mildew.

Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination reactivates to help flush off the moss, mold, and mildew without damaging the surface it has infested. Results are visible 1 to 2 weeks after application. Wet and Forget continues to work for up to a year. It is safe on wood, aluminum, metal, stucco, brick, concrete, painted surfaces, vinyl, and canvas.

This product comes in 1/2 Gallon and 1 Gallon sizes. 1 Gallon of Wet & Forget makes 6 gallons of ready to use product, which covers approximately 750 to 2250 square feet depending on the porosity of the surface.

EPA Registered, Non-Caustic, Non-Acidic & Contains No Bleach. Just Spray & Walk Away. 1 Step Process, Safe & Gentle On Any Outdoor Surface. Use On All Roofing Surfaces, Concrete, Stucco, Painted Surfaces, Vinyl, Aluminum, Treated Lumber, Manufactured Lumber, Brick, Stone, Aggregate, & More.

Please note...when you are comparing the prices, the cheaper ones are 1/2 Gallon bottles. The products priced around $25-$35 are full 1-Gallon bottles. Compare the size, prices AND shipping before you buy.

Our Experience with this Product:

Be sure to read the Reviews offered for this product when you click over to the store. We have used it and have rated it 5 stars. Those customers that were disappointed didn't read the directions. Note: it says results are "visible" 1-2 weeks after application. That's when you will start seeing results. It will continue to work all on its own.

For deep infestation and really tough areas, you do need to reapply every 6 weeks, a couple more times, as stated in the instructions. I applied it an additional 2 times in "trouble areas" of a huge infestation of black colored mold (not toxic mold) on stucco all over the back of our house. Over a period of a few months, we watched it magically disappear. It is now completely gone, with no damage or discoloration to the stucco at all. Oh, and I forgot to mention...it never rains in Southern California...so it somehow performed even without rain to "reactivate" it..

A 1-gallon bottle treats approximately 750 to 2500 square feet depending on the porosity of the surface: I did the entire back of the house, from the ground up to about 4 feet, and half of one side of the house --all stucco, which is very porous. I Also did those trouble spots, mentioned above, twice more. We still have 1/2 gallon left. I used a cheap 1-gallon garden sprayer for application.

There were 2 really horrible large patches that I did lightly brush with a broom a week after the first application. Most of it had turned to a powder and brushed right off. The mold has been entirely gone for over a year now, and has shown no signs of coming back. If it does, it's going to be very easy to nip it in the bud with this magical product.

Author & Purchaser of Product:
Judith A. ~ San Diego, CA

It is now 3 years later and I am beginning to see a very tiny bit of the mold trying to come back in a few spots. Boy, is this going to be easy to fix!!

Update: Another year has gone by. Never got around to hitting those few spots, but they disappeared on their own. Boy, was this easy!

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