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The Embarcadero (Spanish for wharf) is a biggie among San Diego’s attractions. It lies just west of the downtown area, with a paved path that runs along the San Diego harbor on the east side of San Diego Bay. The Embarcadero Marina, a strip of land that reaches out into the bay, is a quarter mile-long boardwalk connecting the Embarcadero to Seaport Village and the San Diego Convention Center.

The Embarcadero is home to the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum at Navy Pier, the San Diego cruise terminal on B Street Pier, the Maritime Museum, and many restaurants, shops, and fish markets from the North Embarcadero down through Seaport Village, a unique shopping area. The San Diego Convention Center and the Visitor Information Center are both located in this area. Dinner cruise ships and the Harbor excursion tours leave from the Embarcadero.

The Maritime Museum
of San Diego

The Maritime Museum of San Diego was founded in 1948 with the purpose of preserving San Diego's maritime heritage.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego

It is located at the Embarcadero, on Harbor Drive between Market & Grape Streets, and includes these five historic ships: the Star of India, Californian, Pilot, the ferryboat Berkeley and the steam yacht Medea. The Berkeley is the headquarters for the Museum, and inside are workshops, offices, the maritime library, and the gift shop. 1492 N Harbor Drive   (619) 234-9153

Star of India - Built in 1863

The Star of India is the worlds oldest active ship.

Star of India

It was named a National Historic Landmark in 1966 and a California State Historic Landmark in 1999. Built in 1863, she began as a full-rigged ship and remained that way until 1901, when she was rigged down to a barque, her present rig.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Captain Alan Villiers who, in 1957, gave San Diego a strong "shame on you" for letting this magnificent ship go to seed. Apparently we hung our heads in shame, and eventually got the job done. After the restoration was completed, in 1976 the fully restored Star of India put to sea for the first time in fifty years!

This ship is truly awesome, and a little scary. You look at it and think, "look what they accomplished without our current technology! Were they ingenious and terribly brave, or just plain nuts?" Maybe all of that.

Berkeley - 1898 steam ferry

The Berkeley is an 1898 steam ferryboat that operated for 60 years on San Francisco Bay and is the finest example of a 19th century ferryboat afloat. It arrival in San Diego in 1973, and is designated as a California State Historic Landmark, and a National Historic Landmark. During the 1906 San Francisco earthquake Berkeley carried thousands of survivors to safety. Since coming to San Diego, the upper deck of the ferryboat has hosted thousands of special events, with room for 800 guests. The Berkeley is the headquarters for the Museum, and inside are workshops, offices, the maritime library and gift shop.

Medea - 1904 steam yacht

The Medea was originally built for social occasions and hunting trips around the isles and lochs of western Scotland. Passing from various private owners, then eventually to military possession, she has served in two world wars, under three navies and six national flags. Busy little boat! She was donated to the Maritime Museum of San Diego on July 14, 1973. Built of steel, and furnished with imported teak and quarter-sawn oak she's still impressive and still sails the sea, going out about twice a month for VIP excursions.

Pilot - 1914 harbor Pilot boat

Built by Manuel Goularte in his boatyard at the foot of Hawthorne Street, Pilot served as San Diego Bay’s official pilot boat for commercial ships entering and leaving the harbor for 82 years. In World War II, Pilot was taken over by the military and served both as a patrol boat and also carried civilian pilots out to ships. She came back to us with a new engine and rebuilt pilothouse, courtesy of the Coast Guard, and with six chevrons on her stack, one for each month of military service. Pilot was taken out of service in 1996 and donated to the Maritime Museum of San Diego to be rehabilitated and retrofitted for use as a floating classroom. And that's what she now proudly does; hosts school groups on voyages around San Diego Bay.

Californian - Tall ship. Revenue Cutter replica

This is the official tall ship of the State of California. It was built in San Diego Bay at Spanish Landing and first sailed at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The Californian is a replica of the 1847 Revenue Cutter C.W. Lawrence. That ship patrolled the coast during the Gold Rush days. The Revenue Cutter Service, along with 4 other maritime agencies eventually were merged into the current Coast Guard Service.

Just down the Embarcadero from the Maritime Museum is another floating San Diego museum.

USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum

The USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum opened in 2004, and is the largest of the five aircraft carrier museums in the U.S. The Midway was the world's largest warship when it launched in March 1945.

USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum
The aircraft carrier served three combat tours in Vietnam and launched warplanes over Iraq in 1991, and was decommissioned in 1992 as the longest-serving carrier in U.S. Navy history.

The museum features more than 30 exhibits including flight simulators, restored vintage aircraft, access to mess deck, hangar deck, & flight deck. Audio guide with each admission.

Cruise Ship Terminal

The Cruise Ship Terminal hosts over 120 cruise ships a year and is conveniently located in downtown San Diego at the foot of
B Street / B Street Pier.    (619) 686-6342

Cruise Ship Terminal

Broadway Pier

Take a walk down the Broadway Pier and behold a magnificent panoramic view of San Diego Bay from the end of this pier. Located at the foot of Broadway Street.

Embarcadero Park

The entrance to the marina divides the park into north and south.

Embarcadero Park North is a great area for picnics, kite flying and enjoying the views. Located at the foot of Kettner Boulevard. This park borders Seaport Village and the San Diego Convention Center.

Marina Park South & Pier. Where the Summer Pops takes place, and also has a popular fishing pier. Ample parking, basketball courts, gazebos and a concession stand. Located at the foot of Marine Park Way.

Tuna Harbor Park

A park that honors the commercial fishing industry in San Diego. Here you can watch all the different boating activities taking place on the Bay. Located on Tuna Lane at the foot of G Street.

Seaport Village

Seaport Village is a combination waterfront shopping, dining and family entertainment district. Overlooking the harbor with a great view of Coronado and the Coronado Bridge, it covers about 14 acres and has around 75 shops, galleries, restaurants, and al fresca eateries. A good many of the shops cater to the tourist trade, offering unique souvenirs and gifts.
849 West Harbor Drive  (619) 235-4014

San Diego Convention Center

A world-class facility, the San Diego Convention Center is located downtown at the Embarcadero, along San Diego Bay, across from Marina Park South. 111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 525-5000.

Visitor Information Center

The Visitor Information Center is located on the inland side of Harbor Drive. It is run by the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, and provides information about all of San Diego County.

San Diego County Administration Building

This is an historical 10-story building, and was considered to be San Diego’s first “skyscraper.”  Located just north of the Embarcadero, Downtown San Diego at 1600 Pacific Highway, (858) 694-3900

San Diego International Airport

Located on North Harbor Drive, just northwest of the Embarcadero.
Complete Airport Information

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Balboa Park

art studios, gardens, hiking...

Details >>
San Diego Balboa Park
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Belmont Park

Traditional Amusement Park, Arcade & more
San Diego Belmont Park - Amusement Park
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LEGOLAND, Water Park & Aquarium
LEGOLAND California
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SeaWorld Adventure Park
San Diego SeaWorld Adventure Park
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San Diego Zoo

The World Famous San Diego Zoo
The World Famous San Diego Zoo
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Zoo's Safari Park

Formerly known as Wild Animal Park
Details >>
San Diego Zoo's Safari Park -- formerly Wild Animal Park
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San Diego  Casinos
& Hotels
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San Diego Casinos - Casino Resorts
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Whale Watching

Whale Watching Excursions
San Diego Whale Watching Excursions
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Wine Tours

Several Tours to choose from
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