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LEGOLAND® California ~ San Diego

LEGOLAND California

A 128-acre theme park located in Carlsbad that offers interactive attractions, family rides, shows, restaurants, shopping and beautiful landscape features specially geared for children ages 2-12 and their families. There are more than 15,000 LEGO models in the Park created from more than 30 million LEGO bricks.

Entrance to LEGOLAND, California at San Diego


Rides & Attractions     Park Map

Miniland USA     Activities & Rides

This is the heart of the Park featuring stunning reproductions of American landmarks built with remarkable detail from several different geographical areas of the country: Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, New York, New England, the California Coastline, plus the Block of Fame, Coast Cruise, and the Model Shop.

Miniland USA

Miniland Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, New York, New England, the California Coastline, plus the Block of Fame, and the Art of LEGO gallery. The recently opened "Las Vegas" features the world-famous Strip including the Luxor Las Vegas, Excalibur, Mirage, Treasure Island, Tropicana, MGM Grand, a miniature wedding chapel, monorails and real life sounds recorded in Las Vegas.

New Orleans
Our Miniland version of New Orleans was built in Billund, Denmark. Every Halloween, the famous New Orleans cemetery "comes alive" with dozens of zombies and skeletons crawling out of the graves!

New York
More than two million LEGO bricks are used in the reconstruction of the city that never sleeps. Our Central Park is filled with as much diverse activity as the real park.

San Francisco
The Miniland version of San Francisco was constructed in Billund, Denmark. Our Miniland Pier 39 has a working carousel and sea lions basking in the sun. The sounds you hear coming from the pier as well as many of the sound effects you hear throughout Miniland were recorded live in the places they represent.

Southern California
Come see the Griffith Park Observatory perched on the hill above the Hollywood Bowl and Greumann's Chinese Theater, and more.

The Model Shop
The Model Shop contains more than three million LEGO bricks. The workshop is the headquarters for maintaining and repairing the more than 27,000 LEGO models in the Park, as well as the creative center for developing new models and displays.

Washington D.C.
Every four years, the two LEGO mini-figures appearing in the presidential motorcade are changed depending on the outcome of the election.


Made out of 1.5 million LEGO® bricks, seven of the most famous scenes from the six live-action Star Wars movies, plus a scene from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.™ Pose with life-size LEGO models of Chewbacca, R2-D2, and Darth Vader.

Lego Star Wars

Block of Fame

Historical figures and pop culture icons. All made out of LEGO bricks.

Coast Cruise

A grand tour by boat and ideal vantage point for guests of all ages to enjoy the sights and adventures along the lakeshore and in Miniland. One of the most popular LEGOLAND rides.  Coast Cruise

Miniland Shopping >> Miniland Dining >>
Empire Emporium
Calling all Star Wars fans! This is your stop for all your LEGO Star Wars toy sets and accessories, located in the heart of Miniland USA.
The Garden Deli + Café
Features gourmet sandwiches with slow-roasted meats on an artisan roll, homemade soups and salads Including chicken salad.

Explorer Island      Activities and Rides

Go back in time to when dinos roamed the earth! Dig for fossils or get a dino-eye view of the surroundings on the island’s roller coaster.                      Coastersaurus >>

Explorer Island - Coastersaurus

So much fun, you get to go twice around through a prehistoric jungle of LEGO brick dinosaurs. Circle around the 1,100-pound Brachiosaurus and whiz by our ten-foot tall Parasaurolophus scavenging for food.

Dig Those Dinos
If you want to be a paleontologist, start digging! There is plenty of sand to be moved and fossils to be found.

Fairy Tale Brook
Sail through all of your favorite fairy tales as they come to life as LEGO brick characters.

Safari Trek
A safari ride in a Jeep brings you up close with the wildest LEGO animals!

Shopping >>
Dino Dig Store
Discover your inner paleontologist in Explore Island while digging up some dino-themed apparel, plus plush and LEGO toys.

Pirate Shores          Activities & Rides

Come aboard for an incredible, swashbuckling adventure. Pirate Shores includes water attractions with captivating high-seas adventures that will thrill buccaneers of all ages.This pirate-themed area features more than 150 LEGO® models.                Splash Battle >>

Pirate Shores - Splash Battle

Captain Cranky’s Challenge: This ride will test your sea worthiness as you sway back and forth on a pirate ship that sits on a "U-shaped" track and rotates in two directions.

Pirate Reef: Choose the blue ship or the red ship and fire water cannons across the ships' bows. You can join a buccaneer-filled boat as it races down a flume between the battling ships.

Splash Battle: Riders taking this voyage are guaranteed to get wet as they sail through twists, turns and magnificent scenes including a scary sail-through skull. Ship-themed vehicles put you behind your own water cannon as you navigate through pirate-infested waters. Take your best watery shot at spectators and other riders.

Swabbies Deck: An area specially designed for younger guests where pop-up spray jets, water fountains and colorful water play features will amuse all ages.

Shopping >>
Bucasneer's Booty
The latest pirate gear from hats and t-shirts to eye patches and swords, plus everything you need for a day of water play

Dig Those Dinos: The "skeletal remains" of dinosaurs are buried in a 2,400 square foot sand pit waiting to be unearthed by junior excavators.

Castle Hill             Activities & Rides

Step back into Medieval Times of flying dragons, jousts and where spells are cast. Magnificent castles are filled with knights and princesses.                       The Dragon >>

The Dragon - Castle Hill

Hideaways: A rustic adventure playground with rope climbs, cargo nets and slides. Kids can climb up, crawl through, slide down, cross over and swing around on the ropes, ladders and tunnels.

Knights’ Tournament: Six robotic arms thrill guests with a ride experience like no other. Choose from five levels of intensity as a robot arm whizzes you past a giant dragon and slings you over a moat to complete your quest.

The Royal Joust: Kids ride LEGO themed horses through medieval scenes, in a simulated joust. Even the youngest of knights can ride a LEGO horse through this fun-filled forest.

The Dragon: A steel roller coaster ride. Enter the enchanted LEGOLAND Castle and then come out soaring on this legendary indoor/outdoor coaster.

Shopping >>

King's Market
A medieval-style open-air marketplace located in the heart of the Castle courtyard in Castle Hill.

King's Treasury
Pan for gold nuggets and receive your golden medallion while shopping for Minifigure t-shirts and accessories.

Dining >>

Castle Burgers
100% all-beef hamburger or cheeseburger and French fries located next to The Dragon Coaster.

Castle Ice Cream
Ice cream, sundaes and frozen drinks plus cappuccino, lattes and espresso.

Granny's Apple Fries
Signature treat was invented at LEGOLAND. Granny Smith apples, cinnamon sugar, plus secret ingredients and serve them with a vanilla cream dipping sauce.

Knight's Smokehouse BBQ
True Texas BBQ. Includes pulled pork, chicken, beef brisket and pork ribs. Now serving craft beer.

Fun Town                Activities & Rides

LEGOLAND California’s own kid-sized town square. When you enter Fun Town, you enter a world where kids control the LEGO activities and rides. Drive cars, fly helicopters and build amazing LEGO creations!

Fun Town - Junior Driving School
Junior Driving School
Adventurer's Club: Take a LEGO journey through the Amazon rain forest, ancient Egypt and the icy-cold Arctic

Character Dance Party: Dance and sing along with our LEGOLAND® Singers and Dancers joined by two of our favorite Characters, Buddy and Max.

Driving School: Red means stop. Green means go. That's pretty much all you need to know as you drive your own car through the city streets. A "real-life" driving experience for children ages 6 through 13.

Junior Driving School:  Kids weave in and out on this oval course to earn a LEGOLAND Driver's license. A scaled down version for children ages 3 through 5.

DUPLO Playtown: Slide, hide and ride! This colorful play area is for younger kids.

Kid Power Towers: Kids and parents ride to the top of one of three towers to get a great view of the entire Park and the ocean, then enjoy a fun "free-fall" to the bottom, and then do it all over again.

LEGO Factory Tour:  This tour will show you how a LEGO brick is made from start to finish. Here you can stock up on your favorite LEGO bricks in bulk.

LEGO Life Zone:  Take your building to the next level and share your creations with other LEGO fans in a safe, social app LEGO Life. Smart phone charging station for parents, air conditioned, and a variety of engaging activities.

LEGOLAND Express:  All aboard this mini-locomotive for a fun-filled ride on the edge of Fun Town.

Police & Fire Academy: Families race to put out fires. The first family to put out the fire and make it back wins! Presented by National Fire Protection Association.

Skipper School: Young adventurers navigate through the "Skipper’s" watery course. Captain your own boat like you're on the high seas. There aren't any tracks so you can even pass your family and friends.

Sky Patrol: Pint-sized pilots maneuver their own LEGO helicopter. Go for a spin... Left or right, up or down, you're the one in control.

Shopping >>

Brick Brothers Trading Co.  Features a trendy selection of California surf and beach wear as well as LEGOLAND hats and apparel.

Driver License  Upgrade your Fun Town driver license with a customized photo, name and souvenir lanyard

LEGO Club House  Stock up on bulk LEGO bricks and much more. This is the ultimate place to use your imagination and invent your own LEGO creation.

LEGO Life Zone  Don't miss the Build-A-Mini tables where you can create your own custom Minifigures (Purchase Required). This is the ultimate place to use your imagination and invent your own LEGO creation.

Dining >>

Fun Town Hot Dogs     LEGO Life Zone

Burger Stop      Fun Town's Urban Kitchen

Imagination Zone       Activities & Rides

This zone emphasizes exploring and creation. A humorous and stimulating environment with many free play building opportunites designed to spur creativity and help youngsters imagine some new designs of their own.

                                                                 Technic Coaster >>

Legoland - Imagination Zone

AQUAZONE Wave Racer: Race the waves and show your skill as you dodge the water blasts.

BIONICLE™ Blaster: The more you spin the wheel, the faster it goes and the dizzier you get. The dizzier you get, the more fun it is.

Build & Test: Build your LEGO car and test it against everyone else's. If you don't win, build and test a new one.

DUPLO Play: Where younger children create LEGO brick masterpieces. There are tens of thousands of DUPLO bricks here ready to be put to use by small hands.

LEGO Hero Factory: Visit the place where real heroes are built and join the fun by building and creating your own heroes. Heroes are designed, equipped and built depending on specific missions that beam in from across the galaxy and across time.

LEGO MINDSTORMS™: Ever wanted to build a robot that obeys your commands? LEGO MINDSTORMS presented by Intel is exactly where that happens. Build and program computerized LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. (Reservations recommended).

LEGO TECHNIC Coaster: LEGO TECHNIC comes to life on this twisting, turning, dropping roller coaster. Race a life-size LEGO TECHNIC vehicle along a wild roller coaster track. This coaster is one of the fastest rides at LEGOLAND, topping speeds of 26 mph with a five-story drop. It's a lesson in the forces of gravity and acceleration.

Put your gaming skills to the ultimate test, brick-by-brick in the all-new WB Games™ Family GameSpace!


Character Meet & Greet:
Meet one of our loveable LEGO Costume Characters at Hero Factory in the Imagination Zone! Locations to meet characters vary throughout the Park. Check your in-Park show guide on the day of your visit for additional locations throughout the Park

THE LEGO® MOVIE 4D A New Adventure:
Follows a new journey for Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny and MetalBeard after they receive a mysterious invitation leading them to a new theme park where all of the rides are based on the characters' adventures in "The LEGO Movie."

LEGO® NINJAGO® Master of the 4th Dimension:
Join your favourite NINJAGO heroes at a very special dojo training session. Become part of the 4D action as Master Wu prepares the ninjas to take on the teachings of the mysterious ‘Scroll of the 4th Dimension’ but with disastrous consequences.


Shopping >>

Located in the Imagination Zone, take a pit stop and pick up drinks, LEGO souvenirs and featured LEGO toy.

Dining >>
Pizza & Pasta Buffet     Pizza Mania

LEGO Ninjago World                  Activities & Rides

Think like a ninja, move like a ninja, train like a ninja. Do you have what it takes to master the art of Spinjitzu? Put your skills to the ultimate test. Train to ninja status and master the elements with LEGO NINJAGO characters like Kai and Nya.

LEGO® Ninjago® The Ride
Control the elements to defeat the Great Devourer. This is what you've been training for!

Cole's Rock
Balance, endurance and patience. Do you have what it takes to climb your way to ninja status?

Jay's Lightning Drill
It takes speed to become a ninja! Are your reflexes "lightning" fast?

Kai's Spinners
If you're going to master Spinjitzu, you have to be able to spin!

Zane's Temple Build
Help Zane, Ninja of Ice, build a massive model of the old Ninjago Monastery.

Shopping >>
Wu's Warehouse
Get all your ninja gear and LEGO NINJAGO merchandise at Wu’s Warehouse.

Dining >>
Ninja Kitchen

LEGOLAND Friends Heartlake City     Activities & Rides

LEGOLAND Heartlake City, based on the popular LEGO Friends, is now open. Enjoy LEGO activities, rides, dining, shopping, Mia's Riding Camp and live shows.

Heartlake City - Mia's Riding Camp

HeartLake Stables
We're not just horsing around when we say this is a great place to build and play.

Heartlake Fountain
Splash around in this heart-shaped fountain where you’re surrounded by pop up water jets and playful water fountains.

Mia's Riding Camp
Giddy up! 62 horses are ready to ride at this beautiful carousel.

Shows >>

LEGO Friends Meet & Greet
Park Guests can enjoy daily autograph sessions with your favorite friends in Heartlake City.

LEGO Friends to the Rescue
Heartlake Hall is gearing up for Andrea's big performance, but when all doesn't go as planned, it's up to the other LEGO Friends to come to her rescue…

Shopping >>

Heartlake City Boutique
Features LEGO Friends and Elves. Come dance and sing along with your LEGO Friends and take a photo in the Friends' hot air balloon.

Dining >>

City Park Crêperie
Satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in a delicious crepe made-to-order. Made with scratch batter.

Wok N Bowl Ramen
Gourmet Japanese-style Ramen house featuring freshly prepared stir-fry dishes.


LEGOLAND® Water Park

The world’s first and only LEGOLAND Water Park. The Water Park features more than 20 LEGO models including giant LEGO friends who splash or spray water on guests, two sandy beach wading areas, retail shops and snack carts. There are more than 60 rides, shows and attractions.    Rides & Attractions


SEA LIFE™ Carlsbad Aquarium

SEA LIFE Carlsbad Aquarium provides an educational and interactive experience for children. A child’s guide to the life of the sea, the Aquarium features play zones, fun facts, quiz trails, and up close encounters with sea creatures. Highlights include the mysterious Lost City of Atlantis, and a walk through a 200,000-gallon ocean tank via a 35-foot long acrylic tunnel.
Rides & Attractions

Shows & Activities

TICKETS:    Annual Passes and City Pass:

LEGOLAND Annual Pass:
     Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND California only
Merlin Annual Pass Standard:
     Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium
     Limited admission to LEGOLAND Water Park
Merlin Annual Pass Premium
     Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium
     Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND Water Park
     Free LEGOLAND admission ticket
City Pass
     Get the ultimate Southern California theme park experience with CityPASS!
     Includes admission to LEGOLAND California, Disneyland Resort and Sea World


One LEGOLAND Drive   Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 918-5364

DIRECTIONS: From Interstate 5...
Exit Cannon Road in Carlsbad.
Go east, following signs to LEGOLAND Drive.

Park hours vary, please call
(760) 918-LEGO   WEBSITE

Photos courtesy LEGOLAND®

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Balboa Park

art studios, gardens, hiking...

Details >>
San Diego Balboa Park
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Belmont Park

Traditional Amusement Park, Arcade & more
San Diego Belmont Park - Amusement Park
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LEGOLAND, Water Park & Aquarium
LEGOLAND California
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SeaWorld Adventure Park
San Diego SeaWorld Adventure Park
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San Diego Zoo

The World Famous San Diego Zoo
The World Famous San Diego Zoo
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Zoo's Safari Park

Formerly known as Wild Animal Park
Details >>
San Diego Zoo's Safari Park -- formerly Wild Animal Park
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San Diego  Casinos
& Hotels
Details >>
San Diego Casinos - Casino Resorts
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Whale Watching

Whale Watching Excursions
San Diego Whale Watching Excursions
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Wine Tours

Several Tours to choose from
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