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Go-See-Do San Diegotm


What could be more fun
than a traditional amusement park with a giant roller coaster, an arcade, a midway, and cotton candy?

San Diego Belmont Park
Belmont Park offers not only traditional amusement park rides, but features the latest in family entertainment including simulated waves, a state of the art gaming center, a traditional arcade, plenty of shopping opportunities and eateries serving everything from food court style hot dogs, ice cream and candies to breakfasts, al fresco and indoor dining with menus covering every taste. Parking and admission to the Park are free.

Belmont Park Giant Dipper The Giant Dipper Roller Coaster

This is the Park’s most distinctive attraction and is one of only two original oceanfront roller coasters still operating on the west coast.

The Giant Dipper was originally built in 1925 and has recently been restored for all to experience the excitement of its quick drops, steep hills, sharp curves and high speeds!

Beach Blaster

No, this is not a Bic Razor in the sky. This fearsome ride swings passengers 60 feet in the air to 120 degrees in both directions. Riders must be at least 48" to ride.

Belmont Park Beach Blaster

Belmont Park Control Freak Control Freak

Experience a random three-dimensional rocking, rolling, spinning, and rotating motion. This ride is controlled by the passengers. Riders have hand controls enabling them to move their car forwards, backwards and to flip it. The result -- no two rides are the same! Rider must be 50 feet--oops 50 inches or taller.


Hang on to your...everything! This thing whirls daring riders on a coaster-like track while YOU control the forward and backward motion, as well as the speed of the spin. Riders must be at least 48" to ride, and have a note from their psychiatrist...

Belmont Park Octotron

Overdrive Bumper Cars

Remember these? Overdrive Bumper Cars features traditional bumper car action for that old time family fun, and instant whiplash...  Must be at least 52" to drive alone; 42" with paid parent or chaperone.

Belmont Park - The Liberty Carousel at night
The Liberty Carousel

An antique reproduction patterned after photographs preserved by the San Diego Historical Society, and crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

Pictured in the hand-painted scenes are Father Junipero Serra as he is about to discover Mission San Diego, the Spirit of St. Louis flying over the Giant Dipper, the Hotel Del Coronado and a 1920's beach scene.

Belmont Park - Liberty Carousel

Belmont Park Krazy Kars

Krazy Kars
Ride on multicolored cars and spin, chase and bump fellow riders. A wild bumper car ride like no other. Must be 42 inches or taller.

Vertical Plunge
An incredibly fun "freefall" ride that takes riders up three stories before dropping them back to the ground. This is an incredibly fun experience for adults and children alike. Must be 42 inches or taller.

Belmont Park Vertical Plunge

Belmont Park - Crazy Submarine Crazy Submarine

Feel the unexpected sensation of diving into deep waters and experience the motion of a rocking submarine. Those under 42 inches require a chaperon.

Remember this one? The one with the big "shell" backs? An updated version, fast & furious. Introduce your kids to this wild ride! Those under 48 inches require a chaperone with paid ticket.

Belmont Park Tilt-A-Whirl

Belmont Park Speedway Speedway
Harness your inner race car driver on this zippy Nascar racing adventure.

The Plunge
at Mission Beach  

San Diego's Largest Indoor Heated Swimming Pool. Built in 1925, it has served as a historic aquatic and community center for generations.

Belmont Park - The Plunge at Mission Beach

Belmont Park - Flowrider WaveHouse

Belmont Park’s premiere surf experience. Features two simulated surfing waves, four unique restaurants, multiple bars, and a spectacular view of Da Beach.



Belmont Park was the nation’s first amusement park to feature this simulated wave attraction, the Endless Wave. This patented sheet wave technology creates an endless wave for riders to both stand and bodyboard on. An experience unlike anything you have ever tried.
Belmont Park - Flowrider Instruction


The FlowBarrel
incorporates a hollow tube, curl, or barrel, along with a nice steep face. Shoot the curl!
Belmont Park FlowBarrel


Belmont Park Arcade
Whether you’re looking to win tickets playing the latest new games or the newly installed arcade classics like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong & Frogger, the arcade has something fun for everyone.
Belmont Park Arcade

LazerBlast Arcade
Lasertag, rock climbing, and more. And don’t forget about the new laser tag arena! A new Tron-themed adventure.  WebPage

The Adrenaline Zone: Sky Soaring RUSH
Part of the LazerBlast Arcade. WebPage

Belmont Park  LazerMaze Challange LazerMaze Challenge
This "Mission Impossible" style course invites players to duck, dive and roll through a timed course. Navigate the course quickly without breaking the lasers. The only one of its kind in California.

Laser Tag
Post-apocalyptic themed arena with 3,000 square feet of action packed fun with the latest in laser tag technology. Boasting 3 levels, this Tron-themed adventure provides non-stop action at every turn!

These games test your skills and feature Park favorites such as Down the Clown, The Hi-Striker, Balloon Buster, and the Water Race Game.

Belmont Park Midway Games

Belmont Park Zip Line Zip Line
Strap in and soar through the midway on Belmont’s newest adrenaline filled adventure. (Waiver Required)

Sky Climb
Harness up, it’s time to conquer the mountain! Our Rock Wall is 30 feet tall and has different routes to the top.

Belmont Park Sky Climb

The rules are simple, the games are not. You have 1 hour to find clues, unlock doors, solve puzzles, and escape the room! Do you have what it takes to escape The Code, Antidote, and Budapest Express?  WEBSITE

Belmont Park Xanadu 7D NEW!!  Xanadu 7D
Strap on your seat belts and try to guess the 7 dimensions of Xanadu, Combat zombies, aliens & pirates, Our new state of the art theater with digital effects and motion seats will have you feeling like you are in a movie!

Tiki Town Adventure Golf
Unleash your inner adventurer as you take on this 18-hole mini golf course that twists through a building with surprises at every turn – watch out for the volcano!

Belmont Park Tiki Town Adventure Golf

Sky Ropes Adventure
A tropical journey designed to challenge and inspire climbers of all ages. Climb over, under, and around rope obstacles while you are suspended high above the ground.

Belmont Park Sky Ropes Adventure

Belmont Park Restaurants

Belmont Park - Eateries      Cannonball

                 El Jefe


Draft ~ Hot Dog on a Stick ~ Beach House Grill ~ Dole Whip

Sweet Shoppe
Features hand dipped ice cream on Monster Cones, Smoothies, cotton candy, bulk candy and OMG--Homemade Fudge!

Beach Treats
Boardwalk ice cream shop serving soft-serve ice cream in Monster Cones, Smoothies, cotton candy and giant shaved Ice Flower Cups.


Sun Diego
For all your essential surf/skate/snow apparel and related equipment, safety gear, and accessories.

Beach & Resort Wear

Beach & Souvenir shop features a large selection of apparel and beach essentials such as sandals, beach towels, swimsuits, body boards and beach toys.

Belmont Park - Day Shopping
Belmont Park - Night Shopping Wings

Premier beachwear store offers high quality clothing, swimwear, shoes, souvenirs, and beach accessories at affordable prices.

San Diego Trading Co.
Established in 1995, this is a leading provider of San diego CA souvenir goods.

Mission Beach Rentals
For sand, waves, or on wheels, the best rentals on the beach. Also beach umbrellas, beach chairs, and even snorkeling equipment.

Belmont Kiosks
The outdoor kiosks offer novelty items such as T-Shirts, sunglasses, beach toys, sea shells, fun signs, jewelry, and such.

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3146 Mission Blvd   San Diego CA 92109
General Information Line (858) 228-9283
Rides/Coaster (858) 488-1549   MAP

DIRECTIONS: Located in Mission Bay at Mission Blvd. & West Mission Bay Dr.

From the South: Take I-5 North to Hwy. 8 West. Follow the signs to West Mission Bay Drive.

From the North: Take I-5 South to Sea World Drive. Follow the signs to West Mission Bay Drive.

Photos Courtesy Belmont Park

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Balboa Park

art studios, gardens, hiking...

Details >>
San Diego Balboa Park
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Belmont Park

Traditional Amusement Park, Arcade & more
San Diego Belmont Park - Amusement Park
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LEGOLAND, Water Park & Aquarium
LEGOLAND California
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SeaWorld Adventure Park
San Diego SeaWorld Adventure Park
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San Diego Zoo

The World Famous San Diego Zoo
The World Famous San Diego Zoo
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Zoo's Safari Park

Formerly known as Wild Animal Park
Details >>
San Diego Zoo's Safari Park -- formerly Wild Animal Park
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San Diego  Casinos
& Hotels
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San Diego Casinos - Casino Resorts
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Whale Watching

Whale Watching Excursions
San Diego Whale Watching Excursions
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Wine Tours

Several Tours to choose from
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