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San Diego Haunted Places & Ghost Tours in San Diego

San Diego haunted houses, haunted hotels. San Diego haunted ship, haunted cemetery HAUNTED Places         
...in San Diego

                                 The below Information is subject to change.


Cabrillo National Monument: The old lighthouse has been abandonded for 150 years, but legend has it, an old sailor's ghost lives on. Paranormal Investigators have concluded that the ghost is the original lighthouse keeper, Captain Robert Decatur Israel.

Cabrillo National Monument
1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr   San Diego CA 92106
Website   Directions


Casa de Estudillo: A figure in a brown robe, believed to be Father Antonio Ubach, has been seen gliding through the doorway into the priest's bedroom. A man with no legs has been seen looking out the window. A young girl in Victorian dress, a woman dressed in gray, and various other apparitions have been spotted.

Casa de Estudillo
4001 Mason St   San Diego CA 92110
Webpage    More Info   MAP & Directions


El Campo Santo Cemetery: There are graves with at least 18 bodies underneath the street in front of the cemetery. Reported sightings include an Indian or Native American man dressed in 19th century clothing floating above the ground and a woman, dressed in Victorian clothing, and some apparitions only partly visible.

El Campo Santo Cemetery
2400 Block of San Diego Avenue   San Diego CA 92110
Near the Whaley House
Information    More Info   MAP & Directions


El Fandango Restaurant:  The restaurant is a new structure built on the site of the old Machado family mansion which burned down in 1858. This apparition is said to be a woman dressed in white Victorian clothing, sometimes sitting in a dark corner, sometimes floating around.

El Fandango Restaurant
2734 Calhoun Street   San Diego CA 92110
(619) 298-2860   Restaurant
More Haunted Info   MAP & Directions


Horton Grand Hotel: Reputed to be haunted by Roger A Whittaker, a notorious gambler and pimp. The exact story of how he was killed isn't clear, but it is believed he haunts room 309 of the hotel, with prankish activities. Other areas of the hotel have also had eerie happenings.

Horton Grand Hotel
311 Island Avenue   San Diego CA 92101
(619) 544-1886    Website    MAP & Directions


Robinson-Rose House: The house is a replica of the 1853 original, built on the original site. Reported activities: elevator stopping and starting, lights flickering, and going on an off, footsteps upstairs, and a man appearing at a second-story window. Other apparitions have shown themselves as vapors or as "solid" people dressed in 18th century clothing. Women have reported "someone" playing with their hair.

Robinson-Rose House
2645 San Diego Avenue   San Diego CA 92110
(619) 237-6770   Webpage    More Haunted Info   MAP & Directions


Star Of India:  Several ghosts of sailors and passengers are reputed to haunt the ship. Many men died in the crews quarters from illness or accidents. A stowaway in his teens fell 100 feet from the rigging to the deck. He took 3 days to die and was buried at sea. People feel a cold hand touching them when they are near the mast from which he fell. The smell of baked bread wafts up from the galley and pots and pans move--but nobody's cookin' in the kitchen. A man was crushed in the chain locker, where a "cold spot" is now felt.

San Diego Maritime Museum
1492 North Harbor Drive   San Diego CA 92101
(619) 234-9153   More Haunted Info
Attraction Information & Reservations


Villa Montezuma: There are rumors of buried treasure in the basement, and at least two ghosts. One is supposed to be Jesse Shepherd, the original occupant, and the other is believed to be a man who hung himself in the tower or possibly the butler of Jesse Shepherd. The body has been seen hanging in the window, as well as his face peering from the windows at night. Various other unexplained phenomenon has occurred such as an area in the garden where nothing will grow.

Currently closed to the public: Take an ONLINE TOUR
As with all historic buildings they need ongoing restoration and care. Just as the current restoration project was close to being finished, the State of California put a hold on a portion of the funding for this project.

Villa Montezuma
1925 K Street   San Diego CA 92102
Website   More Haunted Info    MAP & Directions


Whaley House: Famous as one of America's most haunted houses. In the 1960s, The Whaley House was designated as an official Haunted House by the United States Commerce Department. Reported to be haunted by several members of the Whaley family...including their dog. This 1865 home may be explored by self-guided or private tours.

Whaley House
2476 San Diego Avenue   San Diego CA 92110
(619) 297-7511   Website    MAP & Directions


William Heath Davis House and Museum: Alonzo Horton and his wife lived in this house while their home was being constructed. Reportedly has objects that move, and the gas lights go off and on by themselves. A woman has been seen on the second floor landing.

Gaslamp Quarter
410 Island Avenue   San Diego CA 92101
(619) 233-4692   Webpage   MAP & Directions

Haunted & Ghostly Tours in San Diego
...in San Diego


Ghostly Tours in History:  Three-hour Ghostly Limo Tours to 5 or 6 locations in San Diego, or a Walking Ghost Tour (one hour, plus) through the revitalized Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego.

Attraction Information & Reservations

San Diego Ghostly Tours in History


Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours:  A 90-minute night-time tour of San Diego’s secret haunts aboard the "Ghost Coach," with stops & strolls to haunted locations.

Attraction Information & Reservations

Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours

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Balboa Park

art studios, gardens, hiking...

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San Diego Balboa Park
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Belmont Park

Traditional Amusement Park, Arcade & more
San Diego Belmont Park - Amusement Park
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LEGOLAND, Water Park & Aquarium
LEGOLAND California
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SeaWorld Adventure Park
San Diego SeaWorld Adventure Park
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San Diego Zoo

The World Famous San Diego Zoo
The World Famous San Diego Zoo
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Zoo's Safari Park

Formerly known as Wild Animal Park
Details >>
San Diego Zoo's Safari Park -- formerly Wild Animal Park
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San Diego  Casinos
& Hotels
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San Diego Casinos - Casino Resorts
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Whale Watching

Whale Watching Excursions
San Diego Whale Watching Excursions
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Wine Tours

Several Tours to choose from
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