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                     Johnny Zorro - You Got Style - Jazz Guitar CD

                   Johnny Zorro -  Jazz Guitarist  -  Jazz Guitar CD

Johnny Zorro - You Got Style - Jazz Guitar CD
Johnny Zorro may not have seen it all, but he's seen a lot of it. Johnny owns & operates one of the finest guitars around. It plays jazz, swing, and pop, with a range of style from quiet and sweet to strident and an occasional controlled frenzy. To watch him play in person is pure delight. He makes it look like great fun. Johnny, born David Porrazzo in Boston, Mass., left home and earned his way into the world of music at the age of 16.
He's backed Nat "King" Cole and Herb Alpert, toured with several groups including the Page Cavanaugh Trio, and had a hit record with Warner Brothers. His movie work includes "The Gene Krupa Story" and Elvis Presley's "Change of Habit." On the "Habit" set he taught the King a "lick" and also fixed Elvis's G-string. Johnny's played from Vegas to South America. He sings, too, with a light, whimsical touch. The sound this artist produces are very tasty...very tasty, indeed.   ~ Don Gill

"You Got Style"
Jazz Guitar CD
Sample MP3's available on the website!!

  • Jerry's Place 2:28 (T. Anders)
  • Moonlight in Vermont 3:03  (J. Blackburn/K. Seussdorf) Michael H. Goldsen, Inc. ASCAP
  • You Got Style  3:10  (Johnny Zorro/D. Porrazzo) BMI
  • Maui Sunset 3:01 (Johnny Zorro/D. Porrazzo) BMI
  • Tipsy  4:25  (Johnny Zorro/D. Porrazzo) BMI
  • So Little Time  3:10  (Peter DeRose) Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc. ASCAP
  • El Toro Feliz  4:14  (Johnny Zorro/D. Porrazzo) BMI
  • For All We Know  3:31  (Coots/Lewis) Toy Town Tunes, Inc. / TRO Cromwell Music, Inc.
  • Walk Don't Run  2:20  (Johnny Smith) Mesa Verde Music/ Onboard Music/ Peer Music LTD. BMI
  • Lullaby of the Leaves 3:19  (Young/Peters)
  • Heart Full of Rain 4:22  (Johnny Zorro/D. Porrazzo) BMI
  • Slow Burn  3:45  (B. Kessel) Windsor Music Co. ASCAP
  • Wonderful World 4:10  (G. Weisn/R. Thiele) Abilene Music/ Quratet Music & Rangeroad Music Inc. ASCAP

San Diego Musicians on the "You Got Style" CD

  • Johnny Zorro - Guitar & vocals
  • John Cain - Piano, keyboards
  • Danny Campbell - Drums
  • Dave Curtis - Bass
  • Ted Williams - Bass & drums
  • Warren Bryant - Congas
  • Kisti Murray - Vocal (scat) & keyboards
  • Don Gill - Vocal on "For All We Know"

Johnny Zorro - Jazz Guitarist 

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