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A Complete Guide To Nail Art And Decorative Manicure
by Denis Bukin

Paperback 118 pages (February 17, 2010)
ISBN: 1409256030  
Expanded Info

English translation of the bestselling Russian nail art how-to guide. A Complete Guide To Nail Art is dedicated to the techniques of decorative manicure. Learn about nail art's latest trends and materials used, such as various types of polish, rhinestones, glitter, foil, jewelry and nail tattoos. Learn how to use nail art tools: needles and toothpicks, brushes, files, nippers, and nail piercing, too. The book's training section will enable you to create your own designs and to apply the principles of arrangement and composition in your work. You'll learn how to prepare a nail, choose the right tools, and create the necessary background for your design. Explains the principles of creating classic and French manicure and of working with water-soluble paints.
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The Complete Nail Technician (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority)
by Marian Newman

Paperback 312 pages (September 2004)
ISBN: 184480139X  2nd Edition  Expanded Info
The Complete Nail Technician contains everything you need to know about nails. It covers essential information about the chemistry of artificial nails, as well as comprehensive sections on: the anatomy and physiology of the skin and nail unit; preparation of therapist, work area and client; applying and maintaining tips, overlays and sculptured nails and basic and advanced nail art. It also provides health and safety advice and a comprehensive glossary of key terms. New content concentrates on maincure, pedicure, nail art and media work. The Complete Nail Technician is a 'must-have' reference manual for practicing nail technicians, salon owners and instructors and a great step-by-step guide for beginners.
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Nail Artistry
(Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority)
by Jacqui Jefford, Anne Swain, and Sue Marsh

Paperback: 268 pages
Cengage Learning; 1st Ed (October 16, 2003)
ISBN: 9781861529442  Expanded Info
From the author team behind the critically acclaimed Encylopedia of Nails, this classic manual offers a truly inspirational and educational guide to all aspects of nail artwork. Lavishly produced in full colour, Nail Artistry includes step-by-steps of the most creative nail designs that range from basic nail art techniques to advanced airbrushing. Introduces the revolutionary area of 3D nail art using mixed media. Nail Artistry covers the mandatory nail art units in the current national occupational standards for levels 2 & 3.
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SalonOvations Airbrushing For Nails
by Elizabeth Anthony (Milady)

Plastic Comb binding 158 pages; Milady First edition
(February 5, 1997)  ISBN: 1562532707  Expanded Info

Discover the exciting and potentially lucrative field of airbrushed nails. This comprehensive resource highlights the tools, supplies, and procedures involved in assembling and maintaining your own profitable airbrush system.
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Milady's Tech Nails: Extensions, Wraps and Nail Art
by Tammy Bigan

Hardcover: 128 pages Milady (September 1991)
ISBN: 0873503821   Expanded Info
This classic text is a complete manual on flat and three-dimensional nail art which covers wraps, tips, acrylic nails, concave and fibreglass nail techniques art design, and gem and gold leaf application. The manual provides step-by-step illustrated procedures, lists of materials required, and nail preparation and applications.

IBD Professional Gel Kit with Manual & DVD
by IBD

Kit, Booklet, DVD   Expanded Info
ASIN: B0017BI7NS UPC: 010306088619

This professional kit includes everything needed to begin offering a complete line of UV Gel services. A full color booklet contains step-by-step instructions on the latest gel application techniques. Kit Contains: 1/2 oz. Clear Gel, 1/2 oz. Clear Builder Gel, 1/2 oz. Ultra White Builder Gel, 1/2 oz. Pink Builder Gel, 1/2 oz. Ultra Seal Clear, 1/2 oz. Cleanser Plus, 4 oz. Nail Prep, 5 Second Ultra Fast Nail Glue, 5 Second Gel Glue, Gel Brush, Nail Wipes, White Padded Files, Cuticle Pushers, Nail Tips, Instruction DVD.
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IBD Gels Instructional DVD
by IBD

DVD Only   Expanded Info
ASIN: B003JN4MGI  #UPC: 039013611064

Expert instruction from IBD on Gel and Acrylic applications. Convenient DVD format lets you watch and learn at your own pace.
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ASP Acrylic Nail Technology Technique DVD

DVD Format
ASIN: B003UP28AW   Expanded Info
ASP Acrylic Nail Technology Technique DVD is the perfect tool for step by step acrylic technique.
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