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Milady's Standard Cosmetology Procedures: DVD for Students

By Milady  DVD 1st Edition (September 2005)
ISBN: 1418037354
  Expanded Info
Milady's Standard Cosmetology Procedures DVD is a fun, effective way to review many practical procedures with over three hours of award winning instructional video. This is a student friendly version of the current instructor DVD series, so it's like having your own private teacher with you 24/7. More than 40 unique step-by-step procedures can be viewed either on a computer or on a DVD player. Brush up on your skills before an exam, or get a preview of what's coming up in your next class. Includes haircutting, hair styling, braiding, hair coloring, chemical texture services, skin care, nail care, plus much more.

Quick navigation; Superior audio and video quality; Alternate camera angles for key demonstrations; Special effects playback: step, slow, fast, zoom, and scan.
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Milady Standard Cosmetology Textbooks
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Milady's Standard Cosmetology 2012: Student CD (Individual Version)  by Milady

Milady  CD-ROM  (June 22, 2011)
ISBN: 1439059195  Expanded Info

This interactive student CD-ROM is designed to reinforce classroom learning and to aid in preparation for board exams. The CD-ROM includes more than 100 helpful video clips and graphical animations to demonstrate practices and procedures. It also contains a test bank with more than 1,300 chapter-by-chapter or randomly accessed multiple-choice questions that differ from those in the Exam Review or Online Licensing Preparation to help students study for the exam. Another feature will be the game bank, which offers games for each chapter to strengthen knowledge of terminology, and a glossary that pronounces and defines each term. The content follows and enhances Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012.
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Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012: DVD Series
(Classroom Version) by Milady

Milady  DVD Series  (June 24, 2011)
ISBN: 1439058970  Expanded Info

This 5-hour series on 3 DVD discs will enhance classroom learning and is essential for remedial work and individual learning. Milady's Standard Cosmetology DVD series provides complete coverage of the practical applications of the textbook.
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Milady's Illustrated Cosmetology Dictionary
by Milady 2nd Edition

Paperback: 448 pages  (June 7, 2001)

ISBN: 1562536672  Expanded Info
Milady's Illustrated Cosmetology Dictionary, 2nd Edition, provides a practical, comprehensive reference to cosmetology terminology (anatomy, cosmetic chemistry, electricity, dermatology, esthetics, hair structure and chemistry, nutrition, color, massage therapy and professional skills). This extensive A to Z reference, complete with illustrations and pronunciation aids, is an invaluable resource for educational, professional, and personal use.
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Milady's Reference CD-Rom: An Expansive Dictionary Collection for the Beauty Industry    by Milady

CD-ROM; Milady 1st ed (December 29, 2003)
ISBN: 076686376X  Available from Third Party Sellers

Milady’s Reference CD-ROM is intended as both a teaching and professional reference as well as a student study aid. Students can use this CD-ROM independently to improve their retention of cosmetology terms. The 6,000 available terms are a comprehensive reference of the vocabulary found in Milady’s Hair-Care Product Ingredients Dictionary, Milady’s Skin Care and Cosmetics Ingredients Dictionary and Milady’s Cosmetology Dictionary. Accompanied by audio pronunciations are 4,000 of the terms to aid in the learning and retention of a more complex vocabulary.
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Cosmetology Certification Exam (Cosmetology Licensing Exam)  by LearningExpress

Paperback 300 pages; 4th Edition (Sept 2009)
ISBN-10: 9781576856987 Expanded Info
Note: This is NOT a Milady Publication:
Featuring the latest information and advice about official cosmetology certification exams in all 50 states, this new edition includes: Four full-length practice tests; A 250-question refresher course with detailed answer explanations; A 100-question online practice test in professional salon business, salon safety, science, nails, skin, physical services, chemical services, and hair design; A personalized analysis that identifies strengths and weaknesses to facilitate efficient studying; A FREE online practice test with instant scoring!

Teacher Training for certified educators and student instructors
Milady's Master Educator: Student Course Book
by Letha Barnes

Paperback 480 pages; Milady 2nd edition (July 8, 2008)
ISBN: 9781428321519   Expanded Info

This new revised 2008 edition two-volume approach to teacher development is the most extraordinary teacher-training program available today. It is a program of learning for certified educators and student instructors alike. Don't miss this opportunity to ignite that spark that made you want to become an educator in the first place or to motivate your success toward your new goal as an educator in the exciting field of cosmetology!
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Exam Review for Milady's Master Educator: Student Course Book  By Milady

Paperback 176 pages; Milady 2nd edition (July 8, 2008)
ISBN: 1428321543  Expanded Info

This is the primary student supplement to Milady's Master Educator.It contains chapter-by-chapter questions in a multiple-choice format to help students prepare for their state board exams. An answer key at the back of the book allows students to check accuracy and identify weak areas.
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