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Gardening for Profit 2

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Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit
by Robert Wray

Paperback - 160 pages
Pub: 2009-01-30 ISBN: 0813544173

Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit is for anyone who enjoys being and working outdoors and is seeking a profitable hobby or small business venture. Robert Wray has updated this fourth edition to include the latest techniques and tools for harvesting trees, new methods of transport, the most recent data on herbicides, and advice on how to run a Christmas-tree business today.
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How to Start Your Own Gardening Business How to Start Your Own Gardening Business
By Paul Power

Paperback - 252 pages
Pub: 2007-07-15 ISBN: 1845281756

An insider guide to setting yourself up as a professional gardener. You don't need pots of money to start your own gardening business. With this book and willingness to learn, you could soon be enjoying a profitable and enormously satisfying career doing something you love.
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Growing and Selling Fresh-Cut Herbs Growing and Selling Fresh-Cut Herbs
by Sandie Shores

Hardcover - 492 pages
Pub: 2003-11-01 
ISBN: 188305236X

This definitive guide for those looking to start or expand their own herb business focuses entirely on fresh-cut herbs for the grower who supplies restaurants or supermarkets, vends at farmers markets, or sells from his or her own retail space. Included is valuable business advice on financing; honoring local zoning laws; creating invoices and packing slips; managing employees; pricing and marketing; maintaining accounts; and increasing business.
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The Flower Farmer The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers
by Lynn Byczynski

Paperback - 284 pages - Revised and Expanded
Pub: 2008-02-22 ISBN: 1933392657

In The Flower Farmer expert flower grower Lynn Byczynski provides a complete introduction to raising a cornucopia of cut flowers for home use and for sale to retail customers, florists, and other markets. The book offers detailed, manageable plans for flower growing on a scale ranging from a backyard border to a half-acre commercial garden. The Flower Farmer provides a clear, realistic look at both the benefits and the challenges of growing flowers organically for local markets.
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Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business: A Complete Guide to Starting and Operating a High-Profit Organic or Hydroponic Business
by T.M. Taylor

Perfect Paperback - 180 pages
Pub: 2009-11-01 ISBN: 0962867845

2010 edition: A Complete Guide to Starting and Operating a High-Profit Organic or Hydroponic Business that Benefits the Environment. If you ever consider installing a greenhouse, or already have one, this book can help you turn your expenditure into a profitable venture.
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Gardening for Profit 2

Christmas Trees - Fruits & Vegetables
Greenhouses - Hydroponics



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