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Home-Based Businesses
General information on home based businesses you can start.


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Start & Run a Real Home-Based Business Start & Run a Real Home-Based Business
By Dan Furman

Paperback - 232 pages
Pub: 2009-01-15  ISBN: 1551808668

Offers step-by-step advice, from selecting the type of business to run, to marketing and growing the business. The book comes with a CD-ROM loaded with worksheets, forms, and documents to help the entrepreneur get started. Furman's tips can be applied to many different types of home-based businesses, including computer services, plumbing services, daycares, hair salons, electricians, and numerous others. This book is for anyone who has considered a part-time or full-time home-based business.
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101 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars

101 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars: For Stay-at-Home Moms & Dads
By Heather Shepard

Paperback - 288 pages
Pub: 2007-09-20   ISBN: 0910627886

Detailed in this new book are over 100 business ideas that can be started for very little money and yet may provide parents with a lot more money than they would be paid by the hour. This is a collection of businesses selected especially for stay-at-home parents who are interested in augmenting their income. These businesses can be started with minimum training and investment and are all capable of producing extra income.
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450 Home Business Ideas

450 Home Business Ideas
By Wolfgang Riebe

Paperback - 176 pages
Pub: 2008-06-01   ISBN: 1440412146

This book has been written for those of you looking for an extra income on the side. Those of you who want to work for yourself and become independent. Those of you who are tired of the rat race. Those of you who are just looking for that extra money every month to make ends meet, pay the bills and still have some spending money. Well, here's the answer! A book containing OVER 450 Home Business Ideas which you can start part time and of which the majority of ideas need no start up capital whatsoever.
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Start Your Business with Very Little Money

Start Your Business with Very Little Money: Over 40+ businesses you can start from home
By Rod Condit

Paperback - 106 pages
Pub: 2009-03-22   ISBN: 1442121475

This book explains how money is NOT the most important ingredient needed to be successful. Step by step instructions on how to: begin, become legal, gather the equipment and supplies, use inexpensive advertising, perform winning customer service and which customers you should avoid!
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Home Based Businesses
General information on home based businesses you can start.



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