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Poway's Precision Automotive Poway Car Care, Maintenance & Repair
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Complete Auto Care
Repair & Maintenance
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Poway's Precision Automotive  -  13867 Poway Road   -  Poway, CA
Poway Auto Repair   Poway Auto Maintenance   Poway Auto Care

Poway's Precision Automotive Offers Auto Repair Services You Can Count On!
Our Certified Technicians perform everything from oil changes to a complete
engine overhaul. Domestic and import vehicles of all makes and models.
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Poway's Precision Automotive Professional Services

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  • Lube, Oil Change & Filter Poway
  • Transmission Service Poway
  • Coolant Service Poway
  • Fuel System Service Poway
  • Tune-Up Poway
  • Diagnostics Poway
  • Wheel Alignment Poway
  • Starting - Charging Poway
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Cooling System - Overheating
  • Check Engine Lights Poway
  • Smog Testing Poway
  • Brake Systems Poway
  • Drivability Concerns Poway

Auto Repair Services You Can Count On!

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Serving Poway Since 2004

Poway's Precision Automotive
13867 Poway Road

(858) 486-4444

Open 6 Days a Week
Monday - Friday   8am - 5pm
Saturday   8am - 4pm


Poway's Precision Automotive
~ For a high-performing vehicle,
trust Poway's Precision Automotive with your car, truck, or van.


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