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Online Criminal Background Checks:
Importance & Ease

Have you ever thought your new neighbor looks like one of the pictures on the post office bulletin board or shown on America’s Most Wanted? Now you can be sure you and your family are safe by taking a peek into their pasts to find any criminal behavior.

There are many times when it is a good idea to run a criminal background check: When interviewing questionable service providers, entering a new caregiver situation, hiring new employees, checking for identity theft or dating someone you do not know. An online criminal background check is an important and inexpensive precautionary measure that helps you discover and ward off impending danger, injury or financial devastation.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States and could potentially be dangerous for you. Anyone, at any age, is a prime target. However, an online criminal background check is an easy way to detect this type of fraud. You can quickly get a report that will show if someone is committing crimes under your name. A personal criminal background check is the first step in regaining your personal security and enables you to get a hold on each affected area of your life and quickly unveil the fraud.

Conducting an offline background check on yourself would take many hours and could be quite costly. First, you would need to identify your focus. The term “background check” can include a wide variety of information from different sources You would need to contact each individual agency to request the appropriate information. If your offline search was not thorough, you still may not uncover a thief. On the other hand, online criminal background checks are simplified and the results can be more detailed. Different kinds of online criminal background checks allow you to view motor vehicle records, district court reports, county court records and more. You can purchase one type of report or a complete report to provide a global view of any individual.

Unfortunately, there are many questionable services available on the Internet and criminal record companies are no exception. Remember, there is no such thing as a free online background check! All reputable background checking services will charge a small fee to pay for administrative time and reporting agencies fees. Many companies who offer free reports simply reproduce stored data in order to make a quick profit, or use that offer as a lure to get you to their website. Stored data is outdated and does not reflect the latest activity.

Professional background checking agencies like CrimeNC.com and their parent company Network Research Services provide the most up to date information. You can view court records online almost instantly. They can also submit requests to multiple agencies for each customized search. Sometimes when there are newly updated issues included in these reports, more time may be necessary to obtain accurate information from the court reporters.

Be sure you are investing in a quality background check because the most recent and most accurate information provided by a reputable company may give you an entirely different outlook on your situation.

by Asel Retrac

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