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The Key Points in Identifying Black Mold
Within Your Home

A plethora of issues arise within people’s homes, and while many of them aren’t hazardous, there are plenty that actually present a danger. Ranging from fire risk to carbon monoxide poisoning, threats within the home are very realistic and deserve focused and consistent attention.

One extremely dangerous and under respected problem that people face within their homes is the presence of black mold. This mold, often viewed as simple decay and organic growth in poorly maintained building structures, is much more prevalent than one would assume. Not only is black mold present within modern houses, but the hazard is located across a large scope of area within American borders.

Below are the dangers involved with black mold, and some specific ways to investigate whether or not you’re facing the toxins first hand. It’s imperative as a homeowner to understand the risks associated with black mold, with the goal being to prevent the situation from happening. If it does, at least you’ll be able to identify it and seek professional mold removal before it becomes a grave concern.

The Dangers of Black Mold

The danger associated with black mold is very legitimate and it’s worth recognizing as a homeowner. Whether you’re in an area on the East Coast hit by Hurricane Sandy, or you live in a location that houses a climate perfect for the development of black mold, it’s worth your time to understand the risks and identification process of this toxic growth. Below are some of the symptoms associated with black mold:

  • Congestion within your sinuses
  • Itchy eyes and runny nose
  • Coughing or irritated throat
  • Subtle to severe nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Hampered coordination or balance
  • Pulmonary and respiratory problems

The side effects of black mold exposure vary not only by the specific person being affected, but also by the level exposure during the relative situation. These are some, but definitely not all of the dangers associated with this type of toxic mold.

Ways to Identify Black Mold

While it’s best to seek professional help when diagnosing the presence of black mold, there are some ways that you can do an overview evaluation your situation from home. Below are some tips to help you evaluate your situation to determine if you’re dealing with a black mold problem:

  • If you have any water damaged areas in your house, they should be the first place you look. Whether it’s the basement, oddly placed crawl spaces or the wall foundation behind the laundry machine, you need to look carefully. These are prime places for black mold to be found, and efficiency is critical when identifying it to prevent further progression.

  • Look for dark patches on the dry wall and other surfaces within your house. If you see any black mold spreading in a substantial way, you could have a serious problem. Similar to many situations in life, the scope of an issue like this is usually much greater than what is visible to the eye. This makes the recognition phase of the process even more crucial to carry out in a well-organized manner.

  • Take note of the mold spreading pattern. Black mold specifically grows in a distinctive circular pattern that you can quickly identify with an online search and a careful eye.

Homeownership is already tough. It only gets harder when problems arise, and then when they get worse. Part of having a smooth tenure in a residence is staying on top of common issues, and this is another one to think about. Whether or not you’re experiencing symptoms, it’s always wise to have an eye out for this hazardous mold. The quicker you get on top of it, the sooner you can seek professional advice and rid yourself of the issue.

by Jonathan Gregory

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