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Hidden Truths About Legitimate Scams

What exactly is a legitimate scam? It's a scheme that gives you the product or service it claims to, but the buyer doesn't get quite what they thought they were buying!

Listed here are some example cases. Perhaps you are familiar with a number of them.
  • How to Stop Credit Collectors Dead in Their Tracks
  • Wipe Out Debts Without Filing Bankruptcy
  • Establish AAA Credit in 30 Days
  • Borrow Money Interest Free
  • Get a Visa or MasterCard Free
  • College Degrees by Mail
  • Federal Jobs
  • Drug-Seized Cars and Homes
  • How to Live Abroad Free
  • Earn Money at Home Addressing Envelopes
  • Earn Money Reading Newspapers
  • Live in a $400,000 Home for Free
  • Make Money at Home Doing Medical Billing
  • Get a Free Mercedes or Other Luxury Car Every Year
  • 50% Off Hotels

Sounds enticing?
Well, this is what they actually deliver:

How to Stop Credit Collectors Dead in Their Tracks
Demand that all further communication regarding your debt be mailed to your home. By law, the credit collection agency cannot phone you at home or at work again. It's recommended that you send this demand in writing by Certified Mail. This will stop them immediately. (There... you just got the info for free).

Wipe Out Debts Without Filing Bankruptcy
If you owe 20 different creditors, it's well known that only 1 or 2 will turn up in person for your Creditor's Hearing. Even less if you owe under $5,000 per creditor. You won't have to file a bankruptcy on the other 18 or so that don't show up in person thereby, wiping out your debt with those specific creditors.

Establish AAA Credit in 30 Days
All you do is take $500, deposit it in a bank and then ask the bank for a $500 loan (while the bank holds your original $500 as collateral). Right after receiving this loan, you go to another bank and repeat the process. Within 30 days, you probably will be approved for several bank loans, and once you repay all of them you will have AAA credit.

Borrow Money Interest Free
Well, here's one that can get you in big trouble...
If you have a good credit rating, you can apply for Over-Draft Protection at your bank. Set up two or more checking accounts with overdraft protection, then you can write checks on money you don't have. Before the check clears the bank, you simply write another check (from one of your other accounts) to cover it. Keep doing this back and forth between your two or more accounts and you can have extra cash interest free. (Problem: There are still transfer fees. Red Flag: This process is commonly known as check kiting, and is illegal. Use it, and say good-bye to your good credit rating!)

Get a Visa or MasterCard Free
Just simply apply for a check/debit card at your bank. They will issue you a card that looks like a Visa or MasterCard. Any amounts you charge will be deducted from your checking account. Anyone can qualify regardless of credit history. The only requirement is that you have a checking account with the bank.

College Degrees by Mail
(This one is a dilly). These are imitation degrees you can buy for $50 and $100 for novelty purposes. Pretty expensive for a phony degree. Many companies sell them through the backs of national magazines. (This scheme reminds me of the "portable coat hook" mail order scam from years ago. "Portable Coat Rack! Take it anywhere. Guaranteed to hold any weight coat! Send $5." You receive a NAIL. Perfectly legit, but not at all what you were expecting).

Federal Jobs
This information can easily be found in almost any public library, or online. There is no reason for you to pay for it.

Drug-Seized Cars and Homes
Again, this information can be found free of charge in any public library. (Check online for your local police auctions).

How to Live Abroad Free
Universities and businesses in foreign countries pay sizable salaries to English teachers. However, you are still working and paying all your own expenses. (Is that free?)

Earn Money at Home Addressing Envelopes
You find the contacts, you pay the postage, you mail the materials. You collect a commission on any sales. Others just give you information on starting a mail order business. (Whoopee).

Earn Money Reading Newspapers
This legitimate scheme involves being in the midst of a real estate deal. You find properties for sale by owner and hook them up with buyers (and charge a nice profit for your services). But YOU have to find the buyers. You're not a real estate agent, are you? So--Good luck with this one!

Live in a $400,000 Home for Free
Become a house sitter while the owners are away on vacation or other business-related trips. (Naturally you must have references, and it's a short-term stay).

Make Money at Home Doing Medical Billing
They are not offering you a job. They sell you the software at a hefty price. Sometimes you have to attend a seminar. You find the accounts and set up your own home-based business. The competition in this field is fierce.

Get a Free Mercedes or Other Luxury Car Every Year
1) Form a non-profit institution and have this institution furnish you with the vehicle of your choice. (Free? Well, the non-profit has to pay... and it's not that simple to form a non-profit just to get a car).
2) Another way is to become a used car salesman and qualify for a new car by selling the most cars for the dealership. (Give me a break).
3) And yet another way is to become a Mary Kay Cosmetics Dealer. (Get the picture?)

50% Off Hotels
Just tell the desk clerk when you check in that you are a government employee and qualify for the lowest rate. Most won't ask for identification, but if they do ask, tell them you left it in the car and try another hotel. (How sleazy is that?)

Buyer, beware... Don't end up with a portable coat rack.

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